Workshops & Workshop Series

Workshops are one-time only sessions on specific topics (e.g. Stress Management Workshop) that are offered to students throughout the academic year. Workshop Series are 3 to 4 workshops that address specific themes such as Dating & Relationships and Transitions to University. Below are descriptions for all of the workshop and workshop series offered by PCS.   Registration is required for some of our Workshops and Workshop Series. Please see our Calendar to find out about current offerings (times, dates, locations and registration information).

Workshop Descriptions

Grief and Loss

Losing someone or something you love or care deeply about can be very painful, giving rise to many, sometimes confusing and difficult emotions. Grief is a natural response to loss and can be a highly individualized experience. This workshop will help you to better understand the process of grief while helping you to develop coping mechanisms.

Overcoming Procrastination Workshop

Having trouble staying motivated? Is procrastination your nemesis? Join this workshop to understand why you procrastinate and what you can do about it.

Stress Management

In this workshop, you will learn relaxation techniques that will help you to better manage anxiety. You will be given the opportunity to try these relaxation techniques in the workshop. The goal is to help you develop ways of thinking differently in order to reduce stress, anxiety & fears.

Managing End of Term Stress

Engine running slow? Need your batteries recharged? This workshop will help you to:
(i) Identify your stressors.
(ii) Use stress management strategies to promote good health and optimal performance.
(iii) Use simple relaxation techniques that you can do anywhere and anytime to recharge your engines.

Test Anxiety

Does the thought of a test or exam make your palms sweat and your heart speed up? Do you panic, blank out and forget everything you’ve studied as soon as you look at your test paper? If severe test anxiety is preventing you from achieving your academic goals, this workshop is for you.

Workshop Series Descriptions

Breaking Out of Your Shell

This is a 4-part series. We recommend that students interested in taking part in this series attend all 4 workshops . Each workshop will build on the previous week and focus on a different topic/skill.

Part I: What is shyness/social anxiety? What are the factors that keep our anxiety going?  You will be given the opportunity to evaluate your difficulties & identify personal goals in this session.
Part II: In this session we will explore the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.  Learn to identify negative thoughts and escape behaviours.
Part III: In this session we will build and exposure hierarchy and challenge negative thoughts.  You will explore your thoughts and practice relaxation training.
Part IV: You will learn to better cope with life problems and improve your social skills (generalize your new skills to other life situations).

 Coping & Resilience

This is a 3-part series.  Each workshop in this series will focus on a different topic/skill.

Part I.  Challenging Negative Thinking to Improve Mood.

Negative thoughts can have a powerful effect on how you feel and what you do. In this workshop, we will focus on ways you can recognize and change negative thinking to improve your emotional well-being.

Part II. Building Resilience

Maintaining a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle while coping with the demands of university study might seem impossible at times. In this workshop you will learn about balanced living and develop strategies to cope with challenges that may be routine or unexpected.

Part III.  Mindful Ways to Manage Your Emotions

In this workshop you will learn how to become aware of your emotions and manage them using mindfulness.

Dating & Relationships

This is a 3-part series.  Each workshop in this series will focus on a different topic/skill.

Are You The One for Me?

This workshop will explore issues of compatibility in intimate relationships and how to balance a relationship with other responsibilities. If you wonder “Is this relationship right for me?” then this workshop is for you.

The Language of Love

In this workshop, you will learn three simple steps to develop closeness to people you care about:
i. Listening to your partner.
ii. Creating emotional intimacy.
iii. Having loving yet difficult conversations.

Breaking Up Without Breaking Down

The ending of a romantic relationship can be a painful and difficult experience. In this workshop we will look at strategies that can help you begin to heal, let go and move forward with your life.

Struggling with Anger

If you find yourself struggling to manage your emotions in anger provoking situations, you might benefit from this 4-part series. Topics are interrelated, so consider taking all 4 workshops.

Part I: Understanding anger
Part II: Dealing with/experiencing anger
Part III: Expressing anger
Part IV: Letting go/moving beyond anger


This is a three-part workshop series.  Each workshop will focus on a different topic or skill. If you are new to York or have left home for the first time, this series might be for you.

Missing Your Past, Embracing Your Present

In this workshops you will learn how to deal with loneliness, meet new friends, and make connections here at York.

Too Many Decisions, Not Enough Time

In this workshop we will talk about learning to live on your own, balance multiple demands for your time and identify your limits.

What About You?

This workshop will give you an opportunity to learn how to cope better with the stress and demands of student life. Come and try relaxation exercises, plan for healthy lifestyle habits, and decide how to make caring for yourself a priority even when you are busy.