PCS Workshops & Workshop Series

Workshops are one-time only sessions on specific topics (e.g. Stress Management, Procrastination/Motivation) that are offered to students throughout the academic year.  Workshop Series are 3 to 4 workshops that address specific themes such as Managing Shyness & Social Anxiety and Coping & Resilience.   Below are descriptions for all of the workshop and workshop series offered by PCS.   Registration is not required for our Workshops and Workshop Series. Please see our Calendar to find out about current offerings (times, dates and locations).

February 2018 Printable Workshop Calendar

March 2018 Printable Workshop Calendar

Workshop Descriptions

Procrastination/Motivation Workshop

Having trouble staying motivated? Do you delay starting deadlines? Feel like there’s never enough time in your day?  This workshop will help you to identify why you procrastinate and provide you with strategies to help overcome procrastination and low motivation.

Stress Management

In this workshop, you will be given the opportunity to learn various techniques that will help you to better manage stressful situations such as exams.  You’ll have the opportunity to try some of these techniques during the workshop.

Test Anxiety

Do you often feel anxious or overwhelmed when you have to write a test or exam? Does your anxiety make it harder for you to focus when you’re studying? This workshop will help you learn some helpful strategies to manage or reduce your test anxiety.

Surviving a Break-Up

The ending of a romantic relationship can be painful and difficult.  In this workshop we will look at strategies that can help you begin to heal, let go and move forward with your life.

LGBTQ Support Group

Our Support Group is confidential and facilitated by Personal Counsellors and Peers who identify within the LGBTQ+ community.

Registration is not required – Just Drop In!

Offered Bi-Weekly on Fridays:  February 16, March 2, March 16

Questions? Contact TBLGAY at tblgay@yorku.ca or PCS at spope@yorku.ca

Workshop Series Descriptions

Managing Shyness and Social Anxiety

This is a 4-part series. We recommend that students interested in taking part in this series attend all 4 workshops . Each workshop will build on the previous week and focus on a different topic/skill.

Part I: What is shyness/social anxiety? What are the factors that keep our anxiety going?  You will be given the opportunity to evaluate your difficulties & identify personal goals in this session.
Part II: In this session we will explore the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.  Learn to identify negative thoughts and escape behaviours.
Part III: In this session we will build and exposure hierarchy and challenge negative thoughts.  You will explore your thoughts and practice relaxation training.
Part IV: You will learn to better cope with life problems and improve your social skills (generalize your new skills to other life situations).

Coping & Resilience

This is a 3-part series.  Each workshop in this series will focus on a different topic/skill.

Part I.  Challenging Negative Thinking to Improve Mood.

Negative thoughts can have a powerful effect on how you feel and what you do. In this workshop, we will focus on ways you can recognize and change negative thinking to improve your emotional well-being.

Part II. Building Resilience

Maintaining a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle while coping with the demands of university study might seem impossible at times. In this workshop you will learn about balanced living and develop strategies to cope with challenges that may be routine or unexpected.

Part III.  Mindful Ways to Manage Your Emotions

In this workshop you will learn how to become aware of your emotions and manage them using mindfulness.

Anger Management Series

Learn how to manage your emotions in anger provoking situations.  Topics are interrelated, so feel free to take all four!

i.  Understanding anger

ii.  Dealing with anger

iii.  Expressing anger

iv.  Letting go of anger