Self-Help Resources

There are many self-help resources on-line. Link to several websites offering information on topics and types of resources can be found below.

Relaxation, Stress Management, and Meditation

  1. Mind Body & Soul

Visit the York U Health Education website for links to great meditation and relaxation exercises.

  1. Relaxation Exercises

The relaxation exercises found through this link are made available courtesy of the Counselling Centre at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

Student Counselling Virtual Pamphlet Collection

The Student Counselling Virtual Pamphlet Collection offers a valuable collection of pamphlets online. Information is available on topics such as: alcohol and substance abuse; cults; eating disorders; family and childhood issues; grief; sexual orientation; and time management.

Common Stress Reactions to Trauma

Some reactions are common to people who experience traumatic stress as a result of witnessing or being involved in a traumatic event. Everyone who is exposed to such an event is affected by it and may experience some reaction. Being party to a traumatic incident reminds us that we are also vulnerable to tragedy. Our protective belief that “nothing could happen to me or to people I know” can be momentarily stripped away.

What to learn more about common reactions to trauma?


Helpguide is a web resource that is geared to providing useful information in the form of articles that are ‘commercial-free, unbiased and balanced’ and that are easy to read and understand. Their aim is to help people become “health literate” and ultimately to help prevent and resolve challenging mental and physical health issues. They have topics on aspects of Healthy Living, Mental and Emotional Health, Stress Management and more.