Resources For Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff are often the first members of the York community to become aware that a student is struggling or is in distress or crisis *. They may observe an aspect of the student’s behavior or hear directly from the student that something is wrong. The faculty or staff member may be instrumental in helping the student to connect with the places on campus that can be helpful. There are a number of resources that may be helpful in dealing with students in distress.

  • Consultation with PCS
  • Identifying and responding to students in distress: Information and Training Resources

As Counselling & Disability Services (CDS) is the umbrella for a number of units including Personal Counselling Services,  it can sometimes be confusing where to send a student for assistance.  There is also often confusion about what it means to receive a ‘letter from CDS’ regarding a student.  For clarification, see:

  • Letters to faculty from CDS

*In the event that there are immediate concerns about the safety of a student, or where your own safety, or the safety of others is imminently threatened, call 911 to request that they attend immediately.