CDS Units/Letters to Faculty from CDS

CDS Units

Personal Counselling Services is one of the units under the umbrella of Counselling & Disability Services (CDS).  Other units within CDS include the three Disability services areas: Learning Disability Services (LDS), Physical, Sensory and Medical Disability Services (PSMDS) and  Mental Health Disability Services (MHDS).   To learn more about each service go to the individual websites.

Letters to Faculty from CDS

Many faculty receive  accommodation letters from one of the Disability units within CDS with respect to students who are registered with those units.  Much less frequently, faculty receive a letter from a counsellor in Personal Counselling Services supporting a student''s request for consideration of some kind.  Letters to Faculty from CDS attempts to clarify what types of documentation you might expect to receive from the various units and the implications of each type.