Individual Short-Term Personal Counselling

Individual Short-Term Personal Counselling involves a counselling relationship between a client and a personal counsellor. Through ongoing conversations, this counselling relationship fosters a safe place where the client can identify and explore issues that may be causing distress and/or interruptions in their academic and/or personal lives. This collaborative process can work to create new ways of seeing one’s self, highlight one’s existing strengths, and improve problem-solving strategies. One of the advantages of seeing a counsellor is the opportunity to form a respectful working alliance which many have found to be very helpful. A typical session lasts approximately 50 minutes. There is usually a week or more between counselling sessions.

The client’s role is to put forward their concerns and be as open and honest as possible. The counsellor’s role is to listen carefully and highlight patterns and invite the client to consider improved ways of seeing and dealing with their situation.

Although our counsellors have their own theoretical orientations which form the basis for their clinical practice, generally speaking PCS operates on a short-term counselling model. Longer-term counselling may be available in some situations but ordinarily a client requesting or needing long-term counselling is referred to resources in the community.  A client may be able to take part in group counselling after completing some individual counselling or vice versa.

In some cases, when externally referred counselling resources are not readily available, PCS may continue as a “bridge” in order to support the client until they are connected to other services.

PCS may continue as a bridge in order to support clients in sustaining their academic progress.