Groups, Workshops & Workshop Series

For many issues faced by university students, group counselling can be the optimal treatment of choice.  Talking in a group about one’s emotional, physical, academic, interpersonal, social, and family issues and challenges can help reduce a person’s level of distress and bring insight and change. We offer both Themed Groups and Counselling Process Groups.

Additionally, we offer various Workshops and Workshop Series through out the academic year. Please refer to Calendar for more information.

Counselling Process Groups:

These groups are offered on an ongoing basis and students may enter the group throughout the year.  The groups are led by clinical staff counsellors and are scheduled at various times during the week in an attempt to accommodate student’s schedules. Students must book an intake session. To book an intake session, you must come-in to Personal Counselling Services (PCS) at N110 Bennett Centre.

Themed Counselling Groups:

Groups for students dealing with specific issues such as Disordered Eating & Body Image, once week throughout the academic year.  The Queer Counselling group typically meets twice per month during fall and winter terms. Please see the Calendar for more information on times, dates, location and registration.

Workshops & Workshop Series:

Workshops are one-time only sessions on specific topics (e.g. Stress Management Workshop) that are offered to students throughout the academic year. Workshop Series are 3 to 4 workshops that address specific themes such as Dating & Relationships and Transitions.  Registration is required for some of our Workshops and Workshop Series. Please see the Calendar for more information on times, dates, location and registration.

Personal Development Certificate

This fall term we will be introducing the Personal Development Certificate. To get your certificate you will need to take part in five (5) workshops. Once you have completed this certificate, you can use it as part of your Co-Curricular Record. Please go the YUConnect website to register for your Co-Curricular Record if you haven't already.
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