About Us

Personal Counselling Services (PCS) aims to help students realize, develop and fulfill their personal potential in order to, maximally benefit from their university experience and manage the challenges of university life. Students come to see us because of a wide range of concerns, including but not limited to: depression, anxiety, abuse, stress, self-esteem, relationship issues, eating and body image as well as issues related to sexuality.

Personal Counselling Services (PCS)  provides:

  • Short-term individual, couple, and group counselling services to York University students
  • Personal development workshops and workshop series
  • Crisis intervention (see What to do in a Crisis)
  • Consultation with the York Community regarding students in distress or crisis and issues related to mental health in general
  • Critical incident response debriefings and consultations
  • Clinical training for graduate students in Psychology, Social Work, and Psychotherapy
  • ***NEW*** Single session consultations for students

To learn more about other resources that are related to mental health and wellness at York, click on this link mhw.info.yorku.ca.


This summer, Personal Counselling Services (PCS) is piloting single-session consultations for York University students. The single-session consultation does not replace our crisis services nor is it the route to ongoing counselling. These consultations are an opportunity for students to access one session with a personal counsellor in which they can do one or more of the  items listed below. Personal counsellors are not able to answer administrative or academic questions, resolve financial concerns, or provide any documentation (e.g. a letter for a professor).

  • Brainstorm possible courses of action or coping mechanisms
  • Generate problem-solving strategies
  • Receive some quick tips on topics such as stress management
  • Request suggestions for referrals for other resources in the community

Requesting a single-session consultation